Why pay rental when tenants can well afford The Antares condo?

Only spent 100000 billion renting a private swimming pool for the embargo period only to enjoy swimming

public sports venues are closed, what would you do? Most of us can choose only at home, the overland movement of the Raiders looks at a time.

But for the rich and deep love for the people who choose to swim, won’t be the same.

On 27 April, in Singapore, Sandy Sankt announcements, complete with a special deal. Real estate agent at a price of $10000 a month, completed a lease deal. Rent is not the house, is a private swimming pool and garden. A total of three months, for a total rent of $30000.

Singapore’s famous sentoz’s island resorts, Sankt announcements, Sandy is the integration of the world-renowned seaside pier, living quarters in the number of foreigners rental.

A serious outbreak In Xin Guan, Singapore has been practised for a few weeks of blockades, preliminary estimates in June, all the previous public facilities will not open. According to real estate brokers, Chen describes his guest had lived in the apartment in a swimming pool, but apartments has also been closed and cannot be used.

His guests just want to find yourself and your child to a private swimming pool. It houses with swimming pools, Sandy Ocean Avenue bungalow in Sankt announcements, if the whole rent the whole House, would require $30000 in monthly rent.

For the price paying for, potential home buyers in the mass market will expect to have a different approach whereby the amount can invest to a recent new launching condo. Such as The Antares condo located at Mattar Road.

In a real estate agent, the visitor to the final with a price of $10000 per month to rent the garden and swimming pool. You can access from the house during the embargo period slant to enjoy swimming.

The price of renting a swimming pool in the gold sector, you can rent a set of three or four bedroom bedroom apartment.

Everyone has their own happiness, we now enjoy public swimming pool, as well.

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