The Antares (星宇轩) is only 200 metres away from Mattar MRT station

The Antares 星宇轩 is located in District 14 along Matter Road, Singapore 387728. developed by prominent developers F.S.K.H development, the development of the Antares has 99 years lease for a property, including a room, three bedrooms and two rooms, four bedrooms, a total of 265 units.

A shining moment in the way of life

The immensity of the universe is incalculable, and it’s made up of billions of galaxies, each composed of galaxies are billions of stars and planets. The dream of flying under the starry sky and inspire us to think bigger and dream bigger.

The Milky Way, as one of the brightest stars in Antares (the Antares), with its beautiful red light to illuminate the night sky, it’s worth a look at the magnificent spectacle.

The Red Star alpha star, The inspiration for the Antares is a “celestial phenomenon” in the real world, it condenses your curiosity and awe, and translate them into a permanent way of life.

It sits on the edge of the city’s 14th zip, near Mattar Road and Mattar MRT Station, there’s no doubt about it, it’s near the most dazzling gems.

stylish, charming, it is ripe for residential areas of the competition.

When you can now have “stars” only when there is no reason to stop with the status quo, not to chase “stars.”

at one of the rising stars

The Antares is located in Mattar road, with its centre that is modern and timeless design, illuminating the surrounding silence.

Four blocks, including a total of 265 apartments, ranging from one to four bedrooms, as you move away from the hustle and bustle of everyday city life provide a resting place.

At the same time, close to the city centre to meet the needs of the modern city and desire. It’s like a real alpha star, shine.

Indeed, the brand new condo will be seeing has a gem in the area of Macpherson region.

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