The Rare condominium located near Mattar MRT station – The Antares

For private buyers, Mattar Road or perhaps the relatively new private territory of the residence. However, in April last year it launched a neighbourhoods that has attracted 10 parties bid team.

Mattar road at that time and a lot of the same day as there are also cards Cuscaden Road lots of high-end homes, as well as recent sales ahead of the Avenue South Residence a lot. But this picture of two of the lot number to bid as much as the attractiveness of the Mattar road a lot, it can be inferred.

Mattar road and a lot of the supreme price competition is fierce, with the fifth highest price difference of only 5.5 per cent and, ultimately, Hock Seng Lian, Keong Hong Holdings and Ta Corporation Ltd, the three local Home Builders Inc., a consortium comprised of a 223,020,000 billion standard in this location, the price for legs to 1109 dollars.

The lot has now developed into a total of 265 units of private projects “星宇轩” (The Antares), and began to be sold at the weekend, and 90 for units sold into two units, which is 18 feet, and the average selling price of about $1760. The developer said sales results are encouraging.

A large The Antares attraction is that it’s close to the coastal town of Mattar MRT station, can pass through the central business district. In addition, there have been no new homes in the vicinity of Mattar road project, there is no doubt The Antares accounted for some of the early advantage.

The closest The Antares 星宇轩 Sallim Lodge, which was built in 1995, apartment project is part of a permanent lease, is rather small, with only one or two units.

In November last year, the project has a unit in 1,080,000 billion changed hands, feet, price only 920 yuan.

Mattar road to the east is Circuit Road houses and Paya Lebar areas, near a private project Le Crescendo. the Real Estate GuocoLand development project, House Permanent title age about 13 years, a total of 228 flats. its recent deal the price for legs around $1250.

For example, by the same GuocoLand real estate development, expected to be completed next year of flourishing gardens (Sims Urban Oasis) and, most recently a unit in the price for legs 1711 Yuan deal.

Not far away in this project the Bai Yu Jing (central Grove), a unit price of the transaction feet only 933 yuan. Of course, partly Bai Yu Jing house of age was built in 2001 and now has nearly 20 years.

Macpherson road is located. The area, about a third of people aged over 60, it’s a very mature community, this has led some people to have the area “where the old man and the old” impression.

But over the past few years, this area has been building a lot of new facilities to reinvigorate the area. In addition to two years ago opened Mattar MRT station, the area also has a recent opening of the MacPherson Mall, McPherson, in addition to a number of cooked food centre, allowing residents to enjoy a variety of local cuisine.

Mattar road nearby schools have Convent Primary School and Macpherson Primary School, etc. This show is a wing of the Interior (Home United) youth football academy is located.

In addition, Mattar road near Paya Lebar park and large industrial areas, these industrial leasing demand is also taken into account. Currently, the two bedroom and Lei Xin court Bai Yu Jing rental rates ranged from 2300 yuan to 2900 yuan. As Paya Lebar Central, Paya Lebar Quarter, The Antares  condo apartment will have its demand.

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