Singapore September Private Sales The Antares At Mattar

Local private sales and new units in the rebound after seven months of both. In September this year, private unit sales cent increase year-on-year to 1270 units, setting a record 14 months; The developer has unveiled a new unit has been increased to 1714 civil units.

This is a local private sales for the first three months of 1000 breakthrough single unit. Real estate analysts believe that the global economic outlook, amid the market turmoil and macroeconomic factors such as interest rates would encourage more investors to turn to private markets, boosting local private sales.

The urban renewal authority today (15 October) released data show, including the implementation of condominium (EC), and private sales rose month-on-month in September 1298 to 46 passengers injured. Last month, there is no new EC project.

Judging from the type of homes sold last month, the highest level of the other homes in the central region (RCR), sold a total of 745 units; On behalf of the public outside of private homes in the central region (OCR) and representatives of the central core of upscale homes (CCR) sold a 465, respectively, and 60 units.

Other Central District last month launched a total of more than 1236 private units in August, compared with an increase of more than 130 units, as well as eight times outside of the Central Division lead over 285 and core central region of the 193.

September trading projects including the Avenue South Residence, Meyer Mansion, 星宇轩 The Antares and Cuscaden Reserve, etc. The hypermarkets, which is located in the south peak project homes Shi la road Royale launched a month have already been sold to 361 units, sales at the top of the list.

Real Estate Information System Authority (URA Realis) latest data show that sales of new private homes in September than content from local citizens or permanent residents to buy, where to buy a unit of Singapore 1078 citizens, permanent residents to buy 120 units, an increase of about three percent of the chain.

Research and consulting industry Orangetee charge can put Yan said the data on local buyers on our private markets remained confident about its long-term prospects, “the global economic outlook and weak stock market volatility increased, might encourage more investors to assess risk tolerance towards Singapore real estate as a safe investment.”

senior manager of global research at high latitudes Huang Xian Yang on local private market outlook also expressed cautious optimism that the market will continue to promote home ownership and investment demand. He said that with the monetary easing wave sweeping the globe, loan interest rates have been falling from an elevated position, lower expectations interest rates may encourage more buyers to enter the venue.

Huang Xian Yang pointed out that in the first three quarters 7,760 homes have already been sold to a new unit for the full year, sales of new homes is expected to surpass last year’s 8795 units.

The authority announced earlier this month, according to a preliminary estimate of overall home prices rise in two consecutive quarters of industry research and consulting. ERA for Mak Chong win believes that the current market is not overheating, authorities should not be prematurely cooling measures in place.

Mak Chong win said that September homes mainly by an increase in sales of new homes to increase supply, which has launched or an upcoming project, there are still plenty of units for sale in the market, it takes a long time to digest. “cooling measures could lead to market oversupply. This not only weigh on private market shocks, as well as lending to developers and buyers of the bank. “

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